About Us

Hi, we're UNTONE Music!

We're a music label started in 2019, although we only really became what we are today in 2023. We've gone through many different names and forms, and it all lead to what we are today!

Our History

Back in 2019, Guus Heber founded Bouncing Records to release his and some friend's tracks on. In 2020, Bouncing Records joined the lineup of UNTONE brands, releasing our music such as the Cubey's Adventures releases!

Late 2020 rolled around, and we were looking for a fresh start. We decided to rebrand our existing record label, Bouncing Records, to the more cool "Infinite Music". Along with this came a few more releases from Guus Heber (DJ Stuiter), who at this point was the co-founder of UNTONE, and Archie Williams (Hubz), who was also the founder of UNTONE.

Bouncing Records nor Infinite Music were ran like traditional record labels, more so serving as a name to release our own tracks under. We didn't have many other artists working with us. After 2021, Infinite Music because mostly inactive, with releases few and far apart.

Skip ahead to 2023, and a new label is formed: UNTONE Music. Still owned by UNTONE, and originally with a similar purpose to Infinite Music, to release tracks from UNTONE and it's members.

Not soon after, our focus shifted, and we started to approach it like a proper record label, signing with artists from all over the world, and releasing music on a monthly if not weekly basis. And that brings us to where we are today.

Where we are today

We're, as always, still looking for great new artists to join us. There's a form at the bottom of this page if you're interested! We're always trying to expand our technical toolset, leveraging our technical background as a software company. Just look at the website!

We've brought on many people on the team throughout the years, and all of them have been invaluable (in other words; very important!) to where we are today. UNTONE Music only goes up from here!

Want to work with us?

Send us your demos using this form, and we’ll get back to you if we feel your music is up to our standard!

We usually use Discord for communication, so it'd be appreciated if you have that on hand!

Want to chat? Email us at [email protected]

20mb limit - mp3 / ogg only